The Needle EP update.

Tracking is done. I just received word that all the instrumental tracks are finished! Woohoo. What a process. I have heard a very rough reference mix of all the tracks except for one. I must say that I am so impressed. Suzanne will be prepping in the next two weeks to begin vocals. We are not ready to offer up a release date but I feel strongly that October seems like a good month. Don’t forget to check back as I will be posting versions of the song and then we will be releasing the album for free download online as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for checking in.

“Enemy” reference mix

So we are making progress in the studio and are about a week away from tracking vocals, which we all know is what it’s all about!  So here is one of our favorite tracks on the CD, “Enemy.”  This song was written by Suzanne and is a really cool song.  Here you can take a listen to our latest reference mix.  There are no vocals but the instrumentation is pretty much done, some minor clean up here and there.

More reference tracks coming soon.

Hope you enjoy.  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Leave a comment!

Ian and Chris working out some guitars in the Studio

Here are a few clips of Ian and Chris working out some guitar parts/effects in the studio the other night. They are working on the track, “Slide.”

Things get a little crazy as Ian plays and Chris operates the effects pedal.

scarlet | snow recording some piano tracks and vocal tracks.

Here are a couple of clips of Suzanne, Chris and I recording some piano tracks for the Needle EP.  We spent a good while prepping the piano and trying to eliminate a crazy buzz in the sound board.  Enjoy.

Updates and a few Concert Dates

Hey gang. So the CD is still going great. I have some nice video I hope to be posting this weekend. Chris moved his studio into our house and we recorded piano tracks from our 1929 Fischer Grand. They sound awesome. Deep, round, warm piano sounds. We recorded tracks for Cover, Carry and Suzanne’s haunting ballad, “Made for Five.” I know you will enjoy these songs.

We have a few dates coming up. On August 4th we will be playing for the great kids over at Antioch Church outside of Watkinsville. We had a great time playing for them last year. Super kids. Then on August 18th, we will be playing on live TV on the Atlanta Live program. We played this last fall and it was a blast. We will post video after the show. There are a couple of Tasty World dates in the making as well. We will let you know.

Still moving forward……

Just a quick update. The studio session went great and now we are on a short scheduling hold. The tracks are being sent to Nashville for some beat detective / drum edit work. Until then, the band is sitting tight, practicing, waiting for the tracks to come back. It will be early July before they hit the studio again. In the meantime, I will be putting together a few more interviews, hopefully with the producer Chris Combs and other band members, myself included. I’m not sure how interviewing myself will go, but I’m sure it will be interesting!

Keep checking in!


scarlet|snow in the Studio Making the Needle

Last weekend, scarlet|snow spent a couple days in the studio laying down drums, bass and rhythm guitars.  Here is a quick little video of some of the moments in the studio.  The track in the background is a new song off of the upcoming EP entitled, “Everybody’s Got A Broken Heart.”  We took the vocal tracks out just because we don’t want to give the whole thing away too quickly!!!  Enjoy.

Behind the Songs: A Needle in the Grass is No Good

Here are a few thoughts from songwriter, Ian Canalis about his song, A Needle in the Grass is No Good.

This song was written from the bottom of a valley…no tent, no compass…just me and some coyotes in the distance. Psalm 69 says “Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck.” Sins and trials have a way of isolating and the point where what was once very real and tangible seems distantly cold. Psalm 14:2 , “The Lord looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God. All have turned aside, they have together become corrupt;there is no one who does good, not even one.” Have you ever dreamed that you were trying to run but your legs just wouldn’t work? Or tried to scream , but no sound would come out? That feeling is exactly what I tried to wrap my arms around through this song – fumbling in the dark, frantically searching for something so precious, but seemingly so far away.

Shame, shame, shame – shame on me
I can’t swim when the water’s deep
Touching the bottom is a crutch
But I miss it so much

Pray, pray, pray – on my knees
That you’ll recede this flood and help me breathe
Knowing that this too shall pass
Is like a needle in the grass

I don’t have to say it
It’s a game and we know how to play it
All that we’ve been given
Cannot escape the way that we’ve been living


Rescue me from myself, Rescue me from myself

Rescue me from myself, rescue me

We’re no good

You can view a live performce at the annual CIA Summit in Franklin, TN here:

scarlet|snow: the players






Behind The Songs: Slide

Slide is my favorite song on the EP. It is a deeply personal song to me and Suzanne delivers it in such a powerful way that I am more drawn to this song the more we perform it. For me, this song touches the very essence of being human. It is about the tug of war between doing right and doing wrong. Scripture teaches that we are never tempted beyond what we can handle. And that in such temptation, there is always provided for us, a way out. This song, at its core, is about that moment of decision between right and wrong. When you are in that place of balancing between your good and bad selves. The angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other – bickering back and forth. I often ask myself, if this “way out” is so easy to choose, then why do I keep choosing the other?

Here are the lyrics to, “Slide”

I’m waiting for the slide
Like an angry alibi
When it comes around
I listen for the sound of sighing

Chorus 1:
I don’t want to feel the end of this love
I don’t want to know what broken hearts sing of

I’m waiting for the slide
To slip into the night
If I start to drown
I’m not afraid to keep on trying

Chorus 2:
I don’t want to feel the end of this love
I don’t want to know what broken hearts sing of
I don’t want to feel the end of this love
I just want to be the one you’re thinking of

Oh speak towards me
Never leave me
Oh speak gently
Never leave me

I’m waiting for the slide
The angry alibi subsiding

There is a second or overlapping meaning to this song. Does God’s patience run out? Is there an end to His love? For the person bound in addiction or habitual behavior, this is a real fear in the inmost parts. Some aren’t even able to recognize these thoughts inside them. Will this be the last time I’m forgiven? Will I ever choose the higher ground? Will the temptations ever stop? Will God turn His back on me? Most modern doctrine teaches that we can never stray too far. Modern culture doesn’t like such absolutes. But from my perspective, it’s a real issue. And it’s a real possibility. I hope to never “feel the end of this love.”

Here is a rough, DEMO version of this song.

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