Scarlet|Snow is:

Suzanne|Cowan :: Vocals, Guitar
Ian|Canalis :: Lead Guitar
Michael|Cowan :: Keys
Zach|Robbins :: Drums


Where jagged brokenness and gentle grace collide; this is the sound of Scarlet Snow.

There is music that we put on in the background, as we’re working at home, or absentmindedly answering emails.  Music that is familiar, but easy to listen to without wanting to really think about it.  Then there is music that we listen to with purpose; that we walk into knowing that we’re “here” and are hoping that the experience of listening to the music will move us “there”.

Scarlet Snow’s music is certainly the latter. It is something that you don’t just simply listen too, or hear in the background, but something that you experience.  The band lays out a storyline that is only all too familiar and begs an individual to put themselves into the music and the words and roller coaster that grief brings.  Not the artist’s story, but the listener’s story.

Formed in 2006 from the band Kudzu, Scarlet Snow members Suzanne (lead vocals) and Michael (keys) Cowan, Ian Canalis (guitars), and Zach Robbins (drums) strive to create music that is both original and accessible. Pulling from a lifetime of musical influence, they have etched out a sound that is relevant to all but ultimately their own. After releasing the critically acclaimed CD, “Inclined” in 2007, they have recently released their newest work, “The Needle EP :: An Extended Play Album in Two Parts.” Striving to push the molds of independent rock, the band has offered the new CD as a free download from their blog,

Scarlet Snow is a singular experience to behold. Defying conventional labels and shrugging off generic molds, the band creates a sound that reverberates deep within the soul and psyche. Effortlessly gliding between moody and dark, light and hopeful, Scarlet Snow will arrest your attention and provoke new thought – about life, love and suffering.

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  1. I am very interested in your ministry as we live in a country surrounded by the epidemics of your lyrics. So many we are ministering to have sold their souls to some sort of vice. Yet there is hope in the Lord and you seem to go way down deep into the source of these vices but are willing to also deliver a remedy. Through music I find God has allowed us to reach peoples lives where they are at and then bring them into a marvelous light.

    Thank you Holland Davis for directing me to this site. I look forward to putting it to use. So many opportunities for this in Australia.

    Mark and Theresa Redden
    CCCM Missionaries loving on people and pointing the to Jesus!

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