Bandage “Rough Mix”

Well the CD is winding down.  Tracking is done.  Vocals are done.  The mixing is in progress.  We need to settle on some of the CD art work and design and then ship the mixed tracks off to Nashville to be mastered.  This whole EP process has been so much fun and so much work, mixed with alot of waiting.  I hope that you have enjoyed the posts and the music, and even moreso, that you enjoy the EP when it’s released.  Don’t forget that it will be available for free download here at  


So this song is Bandage.   It’s possibly going to be track 2 on the EP.  Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Wow mike & Suzanne! This is a masterpiece. What a timely message for this culture. I run the race with you my friends & rejoice that God is moving thru U. Carry on. Great work!
    your fan & sister in Christ,
    anita ferrer, asburyparkangel

  2. I just started playing this song, and Oliver came running in to the room, bobbing his head and said, “I wike dis song.”

    Out of the mouths of babes, dude.

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