Slide Reference Mix

As promised, here’s another tune fresh from the studio. Still only a reference mix, these are the vocals that Suzanne just finished tracking. There is alot of experimental guitar and keyboards in this song. Currently they are up loud in the mix so we can hear them (and remember what the heck we played). In the final version, they will be a little more subtle.

Enjoy. Leave a comment.

A Needle in the Grass is No Good

So I don’t like to toot our own horn.  I’m not really like that.  But last night, around midnight, Suzanne came home from the studio.  She and Chris had finished tracking the vocals for “A Needle in the Grass is No Good.”  The vocals on this song completely blow me away.  They give me goose bumps.  Be sure to listen for the note that measured on the Richter Scale last night when Suzanne sang it.  It’s just at the end of the bridge, just after the “Rescue me from myself” lines.”  I am so excited about this project, especially after hearing this track.  Again, this is a reference mix and no where near what the finished product will sound like, but I thought this preview was definitely worth sharing.  I hope you enjoy.


The Needle EP update.

Tracking is done. I just received word that all the instrumental tracks are finished! Woohoo. What a process. I have heard a very rough reference mix of all the tracks except for one. I must say that I am so impressed. Suzanne will be prepping in the next two weeks to begin vocals. We are not ready to offer up a release date but I feel strongly that October seems like a good month. Don’t forget to check back as I will be posting versions of the song and then we will be releasing the album for free download online as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for checking in.