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Behind The Songs: Slide

Slide is my favorite song on the EP. It is a deeply personal song to me and Suzanne delivers it in such a powerful way that I am more drawn to this song the more we perform it. For me, this song touches the very essence of being human. It is about the tug of war between doing right and doing wrong. Scripture teaches that we are never tempted beyond what we can handle. And that in such temptation, there is always provided for us, a way out. This song, at its core, is about that moment of decision between right and wrong. When you are in that place of balancing between your good and bad selves. The angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other – bickering back and forth. I often ask myself, if this “way out” is so easy to choose, then why do I keep choosing the other?

Here are the lyrics to, “Slide”

I’m waiting for the slide
Like an angry alibi
When it comes around
I listen for the sound of sighing

Chorus 1:
I don’t want to feel the end of this love
I don’t want to know what broken hearts sing of

I’m waiting for the slide
To slip into the night
If I start to drown
I’m not afraid to keep on trying

Chorus 2:
I don’t want to feel the end of this love
I don’t want to know what broken hearts sing of
I don’t want to feel the end of this love
I just want to be the one you’re thinking of

Oh speak towards me
Never leave me
Oh speak gently
Never leave me

I’m waiting for the slide
The angry alibi subsiding

There is a second or overlapping meaning to this song. Does God’s patience run out? Is there an end to His love? For the person bound in addiction or habitual behavior, this is a real fear in the inmost parts. Some aren’t even able to recognize these thoughts inside them. Will this be the last time I’m forgiven? Will I ever choose the higher ground? Will the temptations ever stop? Will God turn His back on me? Most modern doctrine teaches that we can never stray too far. Modern culture doesn’t like such absolutes. But from my perspective, it’s a real issue. And it’s a real possibility. I hope to never “feel the end of this love.”

Here is a rough, DEMO version of this song.

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An Interview with Zach and Ian from s|s regarding the upcoming EP.

Zach and Ian share a few thoughts about the upcoming EP, The Needle EP.  Zach, drummer and Ian, guitarist both take a couple of minutes to share their hearts about this record and the songs on it.  We had just finished practice for a Festival this weekend and I grabbed them for this quick, impromptu interview.  Be sure to check back often as this project officially launches next week!

An Interview with Suzanne from s|s about the upcoming EP.

A short interview with Suzanne Cowan, lead singer and co-writer for Scarlet | Snow. She explains some of her feelings about the band’s upcoming CD, “The Needle EP.” Be sure to check back often for band updates, videos, interviews, song samples and other exciting content as they embark on this new project, The Needle EP.

The Needle – The sharp end of pain.

The Needle EP is a journey for us. Each member of s|s coming out of a season of pain. Or seasons of pain. One life, split apart, soon to be put back together. One family, grows and moves on, minus one. One struggles with the unknown. One struggles with the known.

nee-dle, noun, a slender, pointed, steel instrument used in sewing or piercing tissues.

verb, to sew or pierce with or as if with a needle: to prod or goad (someone) to a specified action.

As soon as we finished our first full rehearsal of Ian’s, “A Needle in the Grass is No Good”, I knew the next CD was going to be special. It was such a culmination of everything we worked through as individuals and as a band with the album, Inclined. Each of our lives taking different paths, but dealing and being dealt such similar hands. So we are ready to launch this new project. I hope that you experience it with us. I hope that these songs speak to you the way they speak to us.

This Thursday we have a practice in preparation for our next gig, The Eco Music Fest in north Georgia. I hope to discuss on camera a little of what this project means for each of the members of the band. I will be sure to post these thoughts by the weekend.

Here is a video of s|s performing “A Needle in the Grass is No Good” at the Summit 2008.

Creating The Needle EP

Welcome to the Needle EP blog. Here we will be posting news, videos, song downloads, sneak peeks, arguments, and all the fun that goes into creating an album.

We have just been given the final go ahead from our Management Company, Main Street Music to start the EP. Chris Combs of Athens, GA will be engineering and producing the record.

Be sure to check back often for updates on how the concept of “The Needle EP” goes from scribbled napkins to a CD that hopefully you will be buying…..and enjoying.